About S. Kay Burnett

My art is an extension of my journal writing and storytelling. It reflects places I love, people or objects that intrigue me, and life experiences that have evoked strong emotions. My style is more realism and impressionism, but I’ve recently been exploring expressionism and abstraction. I love rich colors, unusual perspectives, and sculptural textures.

​I’m always looking for new tools for telling stories visually. I use workshops, books, and self exploration to learn about various art mediums. In 2008, I took a weekend workshop and fell in love with encaustic painting.

Kay's Artist Résumé
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Kay's Studio

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About Gerry Burnett

I’m just a wandering minstrel in the key of life.

I enjoy any kind of aural or visual stimulus that helps me live in a zen-like state.

I’ve had the good fortune to work on a variety of diverse projects, either on my own, or with others.

I’m always looking for new ideas, new thinking, and different processes to push my creativity.

When a koan knocks on your door, answer it.
Gerry's Artist Résumé
  1. Cubist Guitar by S. Kay and Gerry Burnett, Encaustic 24 in x 18 in x 2 in
  2. Cubist Guitar by Gerry Burnett, Digital